The Titans Cage is committed to providing a distinguished event for Amateur  and Professional Mixed Martial Arts athletes. We strive to honor the combat sports athletes and fans by ensuring a top-notch event for all. Our overall goal is to support athletes who compete and have set goals to make it to the big show.


Our Promoters:

Shawn and Zeny Correa

The Titans Cage has been in business since 2011 and continues to showcase the Northern California combat sports talent.


Shawn Correa Promoter and Matchmaker for TTC has a passion for MMA and supports the Region's athletes by giving them an arena to compete. Shawn has organized and promoted many combat sports events in Northern California including MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing.


Zeny Correa is an advocate for UCSF Cancer Research. The Titans Cage in conjunction with the generous sports fans gives back to the community by donating thousands of dollars to help those in need.   


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